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Cornell Pediatrics

Pediatric Endocrinology

The division of Pediatric Endocrinology provides state-of-the-art care to children and adolescents with diabetes and pediatric endocrine disorders. Our team, led by Dr. Zoltan Antal, incorporates the expertise of pediatric endocrinologists, a diabetes educator/ pediatric endocrine nurse, and a pediatric nurse practitioner. In addition, the division has access to nutritionists, social workers, and other specialists in the Department of Pediatrics.

The division provides comprehensive care for a full range of pediatric endocrine disorders, including:

  • Adrenal diseases (including Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia)
  • Calcium and phosphorus metabolism disorders
  • Diabetes (type I and type II Diabetes mellitus)
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Growth disorders (including growth hormone deficiency)
  • Irregular menses/ Hyperandrogenemia in females
  • Metabolic Bone Disease including Osteogenesis Imperfecta (brittle bone disease), McCune-Albright syndrome, low bone mass, and frequent fractures in pediatrics)
  • Obesity and insulin resistance
  • Puberty disorders (early or delayed)
  • Sexual Differentiation disorders
  • Thyroid diseases (congenital or acquired)
  • Turner Syndrome

In addition to providing outstanding patient care, the division is strongly committed to the research and education of young physicians and scientists in the field of Pediatric Endocrinology. Each year one trainee is accepted for our ACGME-accredited fellowship program in Pediatric Endocrinology. Our faculty is involved in clinical and basic research in the areas of metabolic bone disease, growth and adrenal disorders, and insulin signaling and pathogenesis of diabetes.

Our Programs

Diabetes Program

Our diabetes program cares for children with both type I and type II diabetes. We offer comprehensive, individualized, and intensive case management, with experience in insulin pump therapy from the first decade of life.

Our faculty participates in research protocols on the prevention of both type I and type II diabetes. Additional research projects are conducted in collaboration with basic researchers and are aimed at understanding the causes of autoimmune (juvenile) diabetes.

Growth and Metabolic Bone Program

The division provides specialized care for a broad range of growth and metabolic bone disorders, particularly the treatment of growth problems associated with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) and adrenal disorders. Working with orthopedics specialists from the Hospital of Special Surgery, we provide comprehensive specialized medical care for children with frequent fractures and low bone density, osteogenesis imperfecta and fibrous dysplasia.

Our clinical service is supported by translational and clinical research, to improve the treatment strategies and enhance the understanding of disorders associated with increased rate of fractures in pediatrics.

Obesity Program

The Weill Cornell Pediatric Endocrine team uses various approaches to address the growing threat of obesity and its devastating results. Our efforts range from prevention and education, to understanding the causes and testing new drugs.

Emphasizing prevention, we have launched the Kids and Teens Healthy Weight Program, a child-oriented group counseling program to encourage healthy lifestyles. The program features experts on nutrition, physical activity, and cognitive therapy.

In addition, we have developed community school-based research programs that focus on nutritional counseling and lifestyle modification. Our faculty is working closely with basic researchers at Weill Cornell with the hope of understanding the development of type II diabetes. We are testing promising new drugs on a select group of high risk patients.

Additional Specialty Services

  • Evaluation and management of the newborn who fails the state screening for congenital hypothyroidism and congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Our division is a state approved center for newborn screening.
  • Performance of specialized endocrine stimulation tests of the adrenal and pituitary glands
  • Outpatient Infusion Services used for administration of medications such as pamidrtonate. Our division is one of the few pediatrics centers that specializes in the administration of medications used for treatment osteogenesis imperfecta and low bone mass.


To Schedule an Appointment or Endocrine Test

For an appointment with one of our physicians, or to schedule an endocrine test, please call us during office hours and one of our staff will assist you.

Phone: (646) 962-3442
Fax: (646) 962-0265

Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm
The office is closed on weekends.

For Pediatric Endocrinology Emergencies

We have an emergency beeper that is available 24 hours a day.
The number is 212-746-6700, pager # 17309.

The endocrine fellow who is "on call" will return your call, and will give you advice or contact your treating physician for further management. Please call this beeper if your child is sick and you do not know what to do.

If you need immediate emergency assistance, or if you cannot reach the endocrine emergency service, please call 911.

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